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Distant Worlds: Universe (logo)
This is a wiki dedicated to the wonderful 4x game from Matrix Games and Code Force -- Distant Worlds in its latest form Universe.

Below you will find an overview of the game and its gameplay, as well as links to detailed explanations of all aspects of the game, a tutorial for beginning players, and much more.

Please note this wiki is a heavy work-in-progress, so many sections are still blank or unfinished. If you feel like helping out with a section (or generally), head down to the DW Wiki page section to find out more.

General Game Information

For New Cadets

Detailed Game Mechanics

Setting up

Resource management

  • Planets - overview of planets and other stellar bodies of interest
  • Resources - What you are mining/trading and why

Technology management

Expansion management

  • Exploration - discovering the space beyond your solar system
  • Colonies - colonization and new settlements
  • Economy - money in, money out

Communication management

  • Government - rulers and parliaments
  • Diplomacy - peaceful and war-time negotiations
  • Combat - when Diplomacy fails (or is not an option)
  • Espionage - The clandestine gray zone between diplomacy and war


DW Wiki page

  • How to help and how to edit - general rules if you wish to help out adding or tweaking content
  • Work-in-progress - shows what is being __currently worked on__ and helps to prevent double posting
  • Wanted Pages - put your requests for information you'd like to see added here, or look here for ideas on what to contribute
  • People - a list of everyone working on the wiki
  • Tools - automatically generated pages that can assist in editing